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Kitchen Service

We are working with thousands of business companies around
the world & delivering ideas for your business

Redefine Your
Kitchen Space With Us

Make your dreams come true with our stainless modules that are
compatible with several brands of hardware, be it International or Indian.

Quality is our
Top Priority

Luxury kitchens call for extraordinary details along with
the use of rich materials and colors.

We Decor
Your Kitchen

We offer flexible kitchen layout designs that can be
customised as required, into fully modular or semi-modular kitchens.

We seek mutual growth of Paracasa and its stakeholders i.e. our customers, our employees and our vendors

Mutual Growth

We will be transparent in all our dealings and maintain the highest integrity, ethics and fairness at all times

Integrity and Fairness

Shall always do, what we say.We pledge to be a reliable supplier that will ensure success of our customer


Misson & History

In modern living, Kitchen must be well organized, energy efficient & easily operate-able. And we want to define new dimensions in making cooking experience joyous & pleasurable.

About Us

Travano Cucine, a company manufacturing modular kitchens for every kind of home. Blending the tradition of Indianness with modern technology and making scientifically designed kitchen concepts to minimise effort and time, studded with sterling accessories. We believe in raising the bar to global kitchen standards.

Travano Cucine offers each of its clients a unique masterpiece, especially tailored to their needs and tastes and pockets. Scientific design, aesthetic appeal and durability equate our modular kitchens to your signature, a reflection of your personality.


We believe that cooking is an art and it deserves to be done well.
Goodluck kitchens sport a very wide range of products with international sensibility and are available in multiple colours and finishes.


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