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Types of Kitchens

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U Shaped Kitchen

U-Shaped kitchen is a good idea if you have a spacious kitchen. This type of kitchen provides you a lot of space to do the practical work and to place the items. If you are also looking for great U-Shaped modular kitchen designs then Travano Cucine can help you in this. We have a variety of new ideas and designs to give you the desired U-Shaped kitchen.

L Shaped Kitchen

With an increase in comfortable living and decline of regular dining rooms, L shaped kitchens are becoming popular these days. This type of kitchens are shaped like letter L. The whole kitchen setup is adjusted on two adjacent perpendicular walls by which it becomes more easy to do the things by not moving very much in the whole room.

G Shaped Kitchen

With great advancement in the field of modular kitchens, lots of new designs and shapes are evolving day by day. G-shaped kitchen is also one of the great kitchen shapes. This shape provides huge space for doing all the things in your kitchen. This kitchen shape is generally implemented in big kitchen halls or rooms.

Inline Kitchen

In-Line Kitchens are great kitchen solutions for long and narrow rooms. In this type of kitchen, all the kitchen assets are placed along one wall with a big space to walk opposite to the whole kitchen setup. This type of kitchens is great if you are not having a big family or staying alone. You can also increase its length if you want your kitchen to be more spacious.

Island Kitchen

The island kitchen is a wonderful kitchen layout which provides a more attractive and spacious kitchen. Depending upon the size of your kitchen room, this modular kitchen design can be implemented in different varieties. This kitchen includes a countertop arrangement for placing your kitchen assets or anything you want.

Parallel Kitchen

Parallel Shaped modular kitchen layout is also known as corridor styles kitchen layout. In this layout, the kitchen generally has a work-space on two walls standing opposite to each other. In this way, the whole structure of the kitchen becomes parallel and you can use both sides to do your works according to your needs.

Italian Kitchen

Italian Modular Kitchens have become one of the most favourite and demanded kitchen themes in the world. These amazing kitchen setups are excellent to enjoy great dining experiences with your loved ones. This kitchen expresses the Italian style with a great touch of perfection in it. Due to an increased demand for these type of kitchens, lots of latest designs are evolving day by day.

German Kitchen

German Kitchens are known for their luxurious and Premium outlooks. These kitchen setups are not easy to implement. But, once you managed to get a German Kitchen layout, it will definitely increase the attractiveness of your whole house. German Kitchen looks highly modern because of its classic structure and premium build materials. These sleek kitchen layouts look good in every type of shapes.